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Deacon’s Bidding Prayers October 25th 2013

Please pray for guidance and vision at our Annual Council this weekend

We Bid Your Prayers…


Each week, the deacons of the Diocese of Nebraska invite everyone to join us in praying for the needs, hopes, concerns, and joys of the world beyond our immediate circles of family, friends, and parish. Deacons are invited to send biddings for prayers for the world to by Thursday noon for each week’s gathering of biddings.


The deacons of our diocese bid your prayers:


For people in Mar and all of the Diocese of Twic East where many people were killed, injured, or kidnapped in attacks last Sunday.


For those in the paths of wildfires that continue to burn in New South Wales, Australia,  for the firefighters, and for those who have lost their homes.


For people seeking employment, for those unable to work, and for working people whose paychecks are too small to pay for essential needs. For all who minister to those who are hungry or in need of shelter or warm clothing as winter approaches.


For seasonable weather, for an abundant harvest, and for safekeeping for farmers and other workers during the harvest.


For all those known and unknown, civilian and military, who have been killed in wars around the world this week.


We bid your prayers of thanksgiving for this year’s Annual Council and for the leaders in this diocese.





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