Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

2013 Annual Council Election Results

Annual Council Election Results

Standing Committee
The Rev. Tom O’Dell
The Very Rev. Catherine Scott
Mr. Bill Reno

Executive Committee

The Ven. Betsy Bennett
The Rev. Tom Jones
Mr. Wayne Culp
Ms. Holli Rich

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Jerry Thompson
Mr. Dale Lasher

General Convention Deputies
(in order of election)
The Rev. Ernesto Medina
The Rev. Ellie Thober
The Rev. Elizabeth Easton
The Ven. Betsy Bennett

Mr. Woody Bradford
Mrs. Noelle Ptomey
Mr. Charles Plantz
Ms.Leslie Dean

General Convention Deputy Alternates
(in order of election)

The Rev. Jason Emerson
The Rev. Wes Agar
The Rev. Tom Jones
The Rev. Susanna DesMarias

Mr. Michael Skulavik
Mrs. Judith Stribley
Mr.Vic Culp
Mr. Jerry Hall

Congratulations and thank you for serving.

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