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DEO–Open for Prayer

Deacon Kim Roberts and the pink DEO sign

Deacon Kim Roberts and the pink DEO sign

Around lunchtime on Tuesdays, a bright pink sign appears on the sidewalk outside Trinity Cathedral: “DEO–Open for prayer”.

DEO stands for Downtown Episcopal Outreach, a ministry housed at Trinity Cathedral but staffed by people from several parishes.

There are two components to DEO. The less visible component that runs throughout the week quietly provides funds to people in need through partner agencies.   If, for example, a guest at Siena Francis House needs a prescription filled or a bus ticket to get to a new job, DEO could pay for that need. This part of the program helps us meet the needs of people who have been vetted by professionals who can assure us that the need is real.

The more visible component is what DEO does on Tuesdays.  When the pink sign goes out, DEO gathers for a simple Eucharist or noonday prayer. Guests can get out of the weather and join us in prayer or simply rest.

DEO provides space for prayer, people to talk with or pray with, reading material, help connecting with agencies that can meet specific needs, and refreshments. Small travel bags of nonperishable food go with guests.

Michael Duffy from Trinity Cathedral, co-ordinator of the DEO team, rosters volunteers in to serve monthly or quarterly, though a core group serves more often.  Come see what DEO is doing on a Tuesday, and talk to Michael if you feel pulled to be part of this ministry.

– Betsy Blake Bennett

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