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South Sudan Annual Council Report

Children from Wangulei

Children from Wangulei

This past year there have been several developments in the ongoing mission with our Companion Diocese of Twic East South Sudan. Significant planning and fundraising the past year resulted in several different projects put in to use in South Sudan.

One of the more significant projects was fundraising by All Saints Omaha and the Elkhorn “Nets for Nets” group for a fund for a water well in the village of Maar. Water is still carried long distances by the village women in 5 gallon jugs on their heads to their village tukuls for use for cooking and cleaning. The addition of a well will allow for local distribution of water for the village of Maar as well as for the Diocesan headquarters.

We have numerous other outreach groups providing education scholarships and supplies for South Sudan. St. Martha’s Papillion are providing scholarships for 4 Jonglei State students. The students are being educated in Lokichokio, Kenya. Upon their graduation from primary school, the Wangulei school in Twic East will become the focus for St. Martha’s. Another project gathering interest and growing is the Nebraska Daughters of the King constructing and sewing “Freedom Pads” for Twic East women.

We received and was granted by United Thank Offering an $11,000.00 grant for motorcycles and bicycles for the Twic East clergy. We were able to purchase 10 bicycles and 5 motorcycles for the clergy of Twic East. They were put to use immediately for travel to remote villages in the diocese

Jim Yeates, Lara Shine-Stroud, and Bishop Duncan Gray

Jim Yeates, Lara Shine-Stroud, and Bishop Duncan Gray

In January of 2013, a combined mission trip to Twic East between Nebraska and Mississippi Diocese was put together and completed. The trip personnel consisted of Jim Yeates and Curate Reverend Laura Shine from Nebraska Diocese. The Mississippi Diocese sent Bishop Duncan Gray, Pharmacist Peter Maluel, and medical physicians Dr. Frank Criddle and Dr. Addie Henderson. The medical team diagnosed and treated 300 patients for primary clinical care. Reverend Shine assisted Bishop Ezekiel and Bishop Gray and preached at worship services at Lual Ajuk Bil and Maar villages.

We are continuing to raise funds for various projects on parish levels, as well as look at ways to develop the completion of the girls school at Wangulei on a diocesan basis. The relationship with Twic East continues to develop as we investigate new ideas and new methods of interaction with the diocese of Twic East .

Please keep the South Sudanese people in your thoughts and prayers. This is a new nation only two years old and they are just beginning to rebuild their country after a 20 year war with North Sudan.

On a personal note, Bishop Ezekiel’s son Paul is now in post surgery therapy in Sioux Falls Sanford Clinic. He took his first steps since surgery this past week. They will be returning to Africa in early November. This has been witness to a miracle.

– Jim Yeates

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