Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

What Do You Do When You See Jesus?


Jeremy Vogt

One of the questions that we as a house focus on is where we see Jesus in our lives. Specifically, we are called to find where we see Jesus in our non-profits, our church placements, and through living in community. This is an incredible discipline to focus on; intentionally noticing where God has an impact on your life allows you to be more intentional about prayer, more intentional about serving others, and more intentional about serving God. This year I am going to be working at Miller Park After School Program as my non-profit site, a wonderful ministry for the kindergartners through sixth graders that want to take advantage of the program.

I started my first day just over a week ago. One of the ministries that is offered through Miller Park Elementary School is in conjunction with various food banks. The food banks donate bags of food that is then passed out to the kids every weekend. There is no application process to be considered to receive a bag. If any teacher notices a need, the kid is placed on a list, and then that child receives a bag of food for the weekend. In general, the bag is placed in their backpack which is in their locker while everyone is at class. This affords anyone that wants it privacy, though from what I could tell, there was little to no stigma attached to getting a bag of food.

As we were going around the school, putting bags in the kindergarten and first grade lockers, one young boy was getting picked up early. He and his Dad were going to his locker, and the child asked if he was getting a bag this weekend. As we said he was, he began jumping with joy and turned to his Dad. The joy in both of their eyes would have been inspiring, if it wasn’t completely heartbreaking. So much joy in his Dad’s eyes, because his son would be able to eat this weekend.

When was the last time you ever went hungry? When was the last time that you ever accepted help joyfully? When was the last time you ever fed a child that would be unable to eat otherwise? Jesus has called us to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and clothe the naked. When was the last time you fed the hungry? Jesus was present in those who donated the food. Jesus was present in those who accepted the food. Jesus was there, and I saw him. What do you do when you see Jesus?

– Jeremy Vogt

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