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Deacon’s Bidding Prayers September 27th

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Earth from Apollo 17


We Bid Your Prayers…

Each week, the deacons of the Diocese of Nebraska invite everyone to join us in praying for the needs, hopes, concerns, and joys of the world beyond our immediate circles of family, friends, and parish. Deacons are invited to send biddings for prayers for the world to by Thursday noon for each week’s gathering of biddings.





The deacons of our diocese bid your prayers:

For the people of All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan: For healing and comfort for those who survived last Sunday’s bombings, and for eternal peace for those who died. For all Christians who worship in places where Christians are persecuted.

For an end to all violent attacks in our own country and around the world. We pray this week for those still mourning and healing from the Navy Yard shootings, and for the people of Nairobi, Kenya, as they mourn and begin to heal from the mall shootings. For the souls of all who died from gun violence this week.

For all the people affected by this week’s floods and landslides in the Philippines, earthquake in southwestern Pakistan, and other disasters: for those who survive, those who mourn, and those who work to relieve suffering. For those dealing with the effects of last week’s floods in Colorado, New Mexico, and Mexico.

For the world’s leaders to respond with wisdom and courage to the findings in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report; for compassion for all living things experiencing the worst effects of climate change now and for future generations who will benefit or suffer from our decisions.

For all those known and unknown who have been killed in wars around the world, especially Spc. Kenneth Alvarez, of Santa Maria, Calif., Pvt. Jonathan Hostetter of Humphreys, MO, Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo Young of Rosston, Ark., 1st Lt. Jason Togl of Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis of Staten Island, NY, all killed in the Middle East the week of August 25.

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