Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

Exploring a Creation Connections Community

Experiencing God deeply through experiencing the wonder of God’s creation leads many of us to have a passion for caring for God’s creation. Throughout our diocese, there are people who share both a spiritual connection through outdoor experiences and a passion for environmental justice and environmental stewardship. Because we are scattered throughout the diocese, though, we may find that while our connections with God and with God’s creation are profound, connections with others who share similar experiences and passions are more tenuous because others in our local parish don’t necessarily share the same passion.

Some folks in the Diocese of Nebraska have begun gathering via email, phone, and video conference to create ways for us to better connect with God, one another, and God’s creation that are spiritually nourishing, sustainable over time, and possible in our geographically large diocese. Our initial efforts have yielded ideas about worshipping together in a beautiful outdoor location, creating opportunities for people to participate in outdoor activities in community, praying for one another and for the earth, supporting each other in local efforts to build awareness about environmental stewardship, and sustaining community through a combination of electronic communications and in-person get-togethers. People in the Diocese of Nebraska will be invited to plug into whatever pieces of this best fit you.

If helping to create a new kind of community that gathers around a love of God and God’s creation is something you would like to explore, please contact Archdeacon Betsy Bennett:

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