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St. Monica’s Needs Our Help

st-monicasDear Episcopal Friends and Supporters,


This year has been a unique year for St. Monica’s. While we are fortunate to have expanded services and improved the safety of our programs and staff, it came at a cost. There are 3 factors that have made this year such a financial challenge:


  • Our first expansion included opening a treatment program for adolescent girls again. As you may recall, we had a program several years ago, but were forced to close it during the states failed attempt at Child Welfare Reform. The challenge we did not anticipate was the length of time it would take to get the facility approved & licensed. We hired staff in anticipation of opening in a few months, but the process took much longer. The combination of paying staff with no clients in our services was a tough blow to the budget. I’m happy to report that the program is now full with a wait list, so things are moving in the right direction.


  • At about the same time we were working on opening the adolescent program, we identified the need to move an adult program out of a unsafe neighborhood. Gunshots fired in the alley behind our facility, drug dealers living on the same block, and an employee’s car broken into were the kinds of regular occurrences that prompted our decision to move the program and move it quickly. Unfortunately, finding another home, making the required renovations and getting that facility licensed took almost a full year. During that time, we could not serve as many women, and the renovation costs exceeded our estimate The program is now full and resides in a beautiful home and safe neighborhood od! But, we lost about $200,000 on this experience alone.


  • And finally, the growing disparity between our reimbursement rates and the cost of doing business is harder and harder to overcome. Most years we get no rate increases, or a small 1-2% increase, while our costs go up significantly more than that. We can’t retain good employees without increasing their salaries, our health insurance rates rise each and every year, sometimes as high as 15% percent over the year before. Our Board of Directors is working hard to create a fundraising plan to address this issue going forward, as the gap will only grow wider.


So we ask for your heartfelt consideration in supporting our 100 Day year end campaign. What is accomplished here at St. Monica’s is life changing and often lifesaving. Your support of treatment for women and families goes well beyond basic social issues, it gets at the core of many complex issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, child abuse and behavioral health. Women who are well, who become healthy & strong, who can be good parents, can work and rent or become homeowners. They contribute to our communities. For many of the women who come through our doors, in addition to the treatment services they need, they find hope at St. Monica’s. Your support assures that hope is still within reach


Thanks for your generous support –


Mary Barry-Magsamen
Executive Director
St. Monica’s Behavioral Health Services for Women


You can write a check to:

“Saint Monica’s”
120 Wedgewood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68516

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