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Health & Wellness Corner (Self Esteem)

God’s richest blessings on your summer! I hope you were able to spend some down time enjoying your loved ones, and the beauties that remind us…it is summer! Family picnics…vacation outings and play time… cook-outs with neighbors and friends. This article focuses on the role of the family in self-esteem.
The family plays a significant… if not critical role… in the development of self-esteem. Much of our self-esteem can be traced back to how we were treated as children in our families. Children are not born with self-esteem; rather self-esteem is really a reflection of other’s opinion of us.

A healthy sense of self is a very important gift we can give to all/our children. As adults, we may need to forgive our parents if they were not able to help us feel lovable, capable, and valued. The only healthy source of self-esteem comes from our relationship with our loving heavenly Father. As children of God…our Father is the only divine being who can love us with the unconditional love that never fails.

So how can families help children develop self-esteem? Well there are several things Christian families can do to foster self-esteem.

First: We can provide our children with an abundance of unconditional love. This is the love that we learn best from God. It is easiest for adults to share this with their children if they can enjoy God’s love for themselves (see Rom. Ch. 5 and 1 Jn. Ch. 3 & 4). Unconditional love speaks loudly to children that they are valuable because of who they are… not what they do! Each person is a precious and irreplaceable child of our loving Father…of such worth…that Jesus died to redeem him or her!

Second: We can provide the structure and guidance that children need. Love without guidance really…is not love! Children need discipline and I am not talking about physical discipline here. It is the discipline that our loving Father offers every one of his children so that we can learn to understand our roles and position in the world that is logical and predictable. In God’s loving hands… it helps us all to feel safe and to focus on our real work and purpose in this world.

Third: We can provide a positive environment that affirms one another. Children learn a great deal from watching their parents interact! “Love is patient, love is kind…it is not rude…it is not easily angered…it always protects…always trusts, hopes and perseveres” (1 Cor. 13: 4-7).
Family Esteem: Is the belief that our family is valuable and worthwhile. It identifies the strengths that the family has and values how the family works together to assist each other in growth. Most of all…it appreciates each family member and the family as a whole. How is your family esteem?
May he who is faithful help us to experience wholeness and love in our families’ lives.
Have a Healthy and Blessed Day!
The Rev. Dn Stephanie Ulrich, RN, SD, Minister of Health All Saints Episcopal Church

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