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A New Missionary Is Born


About one month from now, I will be moving to Cape Town, South Africa where for the coming year I will be volunteering for the Young Adult Service Corps in a placement as the Communications and Development Assistant at HOPE Africa, the social programming arm of the Anglican Church in South Africa!  I’m still learning quite a lot about this job, but so far I’ve discovered that I’ll be spending my days traveling to different locations in South Africa and learning about the programs in these different places. Once I’ve learned about them, I’ll then create blurbs and photos that HOPE Africa can put on their website and Facebook page.  I am writing here to ask the support of my fellow Nebraska Episcopalians.

One of the easiest ways to support me on my trip is to add me to your prayers. I’m carrying with me the long list of people and families that have supported me to make sure they’re in my prayers all year round!

Emily Barker (at left) with Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and other new missionaries at the 2013 class orientation

Emily Barker (at left) with Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and other new missionaries at the 2013 class orientation

Another way to support me is to read my blog. As a YASC volunteer, I am required to post to my blog at least two times a month, and I plan to fill my posts with lots of interesting info about Cape Town and the people I meet there. You can find my blog at

The YASC program is committed to sending as many qualified people as they can overseas to help out in the communities that need them. The cost per ex-pat is $20,000. Luckily, YASC will cover half of that for each of us, but we are expected to raise the other $10,000 on our own. So far, I have about $6,500, which is great. But I’m still a ways off from my goal of $10,000, and I could really use your support. If you’re willing and able to contribute any sort of monetary donation, there are a two ways to go about doing that:

Option #1 is an online donation. A crowd-funding site called Go Fund Me allows makes it easy to send donations straight to me. Online donations also offer fun perks and rewards depending on your giving level. If you’d like to donate online, go to click the big DONATE button! This method is the easiest, but unfortunately not tax-deductible.

Option #2 (the tax-deductible one) is to donate through the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska. Simply make a check out to the Diocese of Nebraska, write “HOPE Africa” on the note line, and mail it to the Diocese of Nebraska, 109 N. 18th St., Omaha, NE, 68102. The Diocese will take care of the rest.

Suffice it to say that I will be grateful for any and all support that you can give. Please also know that I’m supremely grateful for the support you’ve given me over the years to help me be ready for this journey at this stage in my life.  I look forward to being the best servant I can be, and to representing my fellow Nebraskans in South Africa in the year to come!

Emily Barker

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