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Meet Heather Bauer, Diocesan Altar Guild Coordinator

Heather Bauer

Heather Bauer

Introducing Heather Bauer, St. Matthew’s Lincoln, our diocesan Altar Guild Coordinator.

Networking, relaying information, scheduling Altar Guild ‘Summits’ are among the tasks involved in this role. This is part of ECW and Women’s Ministries of the diocese. Please note: men can and do serve on Altar Guilds!

Heather recently attended the Province VI Women’s Retreat in Rapid City, South Dakota. She was elected Province Vice-President. Heather describes herself as a 14th generation “Cradle Episcopalian”. She grew up in Alliance, a member of St. Matthew’s Church. She graduated from Doane University, Crete. Heather is married to Rod Bauer; they’ve lived in Lincoln for 20 years. Daughter, Michaela, 22, is living in Alliance. Heather has served on the Altar Guild at St. Matthew’s Lincoln for 8 years. In addition, she helps in the church office, volunteers for Salvation Army and Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. She’s in the 4th year of Education for Ministry. Heather enjoys reading and spending time with family, which includes Freckles the cat.

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