Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

From the Bishop (Camp Comeca 2013)

I have just returned from spending a week with our diocesan youth at Camp Comeca in Cozad, Nebraska. We had a particularly rich and joyful time together this year, learning and celebrating around the theme of, “Emmanuel – Christmas in the Summertime.” In addition to digging deeply into the stories of Christ’s birth as told in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we also speant time singing carols, making Christmas decorations, and for one memorable evening, playing “Reindeer Games” on the front lawn of the camp. (Who knew that water balloons and shaving cream we’re such important pieces of equipment for Rudolf and his friends?)camp0

There are many blessings that flow as part of being at camp together each year. These include being knit together Christ’s body in a special way, growing in faith as a community built over the course of a whole week working and playing together, and dwelling in the wondrous natural beauty of central Nebraska. I am very grateful to the kids, parents and staff who made participating in camp a priority this year. There are few activities that unite us across our large and diverse diocese quite so wonderfully as church camp.

My particular thanks go out to our camp Co-Directors Noelle Ptomy and Kourtney Lewis, whose shared and exceptional leadership made Camp Comeca 2013 one of the best camps ever!

If you missed it this time around, I urge you to participate as either a camper or a counselor in July of 2014 as the Diocese of Nebraska once agains descends on Camp Comeca.

Nebraska Episcopalian – New Format

You will notice several changes in the Nebraska Episcopalian beginning with this latest issue. We’re moving to an exclusively on-line publication, which will mean we can be in touch more often and more immediately with news of diocesan people and events. Our on-line format will also make room for more and better photos to tell the story of our diocese, and for the incorporation of larger special pieces of reporting for you to read at your own pace. Jo Behren’s article published here – “Pray Fervently, Labor Diligently and Give Liberally”: The Story of Episcopal Women’s Ministry in Nineteenth Century Nebraska,” – is an exceptional example of the kind of in-depth writing we hope to now be able to feature more regularly in this publication.

Please do send us feedback about this new format, as well as your suggestions for future stories and features in, The Nebraska Episcopalian.

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