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Thank you for supporting Camp Canterbury 2016!

Camp Canterbury Counselors 2016

Camp Canterbury Counselors 2016

We had such a great week at camp we didn’t even notice the heat. Just kidding! The heat forced us to change up some of our plans, but we found ways to work around the high temps and still have a good time!

We hope your child/ren found camp to be a place of welcome, relaxation and fun. We hope they deepened their own faith lives and came to know Jesus is a real way. Thank you for making church camp part of their summer plans.

Thank you to our volunteers who make this week possible (in the photo above). If you see the following people, be sure to thank them for having a heart for camp! A huge shout out to our cabin counselors and support staff: Rev. Susanna Des Marais, Rev. Tar Drazdowski, Karly Johnson, Chris Mattsen, Rev. Mark Selvey, Heath Hovendick, Claire Atkins, MJ Matthews, Jordyn Reese, Hailey Vernon, Rev Ben Varnum, Rev. John Adams, Rev Karen Watson, Anne Hebert, Rev. Sarah Miller, Dean Craig Loya, Tony Anderson, Deacon Wes Agar, Schuyler Mattsen (camp nurse), Canon Elizabeth Eastson, and Bishop J. Scott Barker.

Special thanks to our wonderful and efficient check in crew: Nicole Cloudt, Sandra Squires, Mary Jane Smith, Barb Alf, Carol Ott, Mary Beth Barone. And to our guest speaker, Stacey Lichtenberg, from The Bridge in Fremont. And a huge thank you to Craig Huffman and his staff at Calvin Crest Camp and Retreat Center for being such accommodating hosts.

The photo album on the diocesan facebook page wlll continue to be updated in the days to come. And a video will be shown at Annual Council in October.

Last but not least. We have some Camp Canterbury Lost and Found. Take a look and see if you recognize any of these items.

  • a pair of boys tennis shoes
  • one white beach towel with blue and red lobsters
  • a light blue fitted twin size sheet
  • a red Crete Cardinals drawstring knapsack
  • a silver water bottle with a black lid (no markings)
  • a blue and white striped beach towel in a red knapsack
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