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Poetry Corner: Fr. Charles Peek – Springing

The catalpa tree flowered while we were not looking,
Possibly spurred on by the blossoms already on the lilac tree nearby,
But with no help at all from us, owing to us only
That years ago now I planted this tree from a wild shoot in the yard
And still pay for the water it needs during the dry days of August heat.

The blossoms seemingly sprang overnight into spring
And just days after the last of its annoying dried pods
Fell upon the lawn to be picked up, raked, or mowed over,
The picker, raker, and mower wondering if the tree is worth it.

Butterflies will flit among its flowered branches and its neighbors,
Cone flowers from the arboretum and butterfly bushes from Karen
Planted near last year’s mallow now spreading and the zinnias Nancy nurtured
From seed bed to planting, along with the bright marigold we place
To guard our tomato plants from the rabbits we won’t begrudge
But do not intend to feed with the later summer’s feast.

Do you garden, someone asks? No, we say, but we do reap!


Charles Peek
Kearney, Nebraska
June 7, 2016

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