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Calling All Prayer Partners: Youth Mission to Dominican Republic June 15-22, 2016

Pray for the youth and leaders who will be wearing this T-Shirt!

Pray for the youth and leaders who will be wearing this T-Shirt!




The DioNEB Youth Mission to the Dominican Republic is June 15-22.


Thank you for sharing in and supporting this youth mission to the Dominican Republic. As a prayer partner, you will be a vital part of our mission each day we are away. Our team will be greatly blessed and strengthened by your prayers. Below is our itinerary so that you can follow our activities with us:


Wednesday, June 15th.  Pray for safe travel as mission team members meet at 4:20 AM at Eppley Airport.   Pray for unity of mind and mission for our team of 14 as we fly from Omaha to Santo Domingo, DR. Pray for our hosts as they meet us at the airport with a warm welcome and food, and provide us historical and cultural orientation to their beautiful country.  Pray for us as we venture out into the community to explore Epiphany Cathedral and the Episcopal Seminary. Pray for our rest at the end of the long day as we stay at the dormitory at the Diocesan Office.


Thursday, June 16th.  Pray for us as we start our day together at VIllar Brothers for breakfast. Pray for travel mercies as we take a three-hour bus ride up the mountain to The Episcopal Camp of The Mount of the Transfiguration in El Pedregal. Pray that old friendships will be rekindled and new ones made as we visit the community, check on previous projects, and plan to successfully complete our current projects.



Friday, June 17th. Awakened by the roosters, we begin our work projects today. Pray for the grace to be flexible in the tasks we are called to do—our construction project will be to repaint, repair and extend the playground at the Episcopal school we helped build in 2014. This work will be done in the mornings.  We will conduct our Music project in the afternoons. This project will result in a music program being established at the school.


Saturday, June 18th.  Please continue prayers for our various projects. Pray especially that any language barrier might be bridged by The Holy Spirit, and that God’s Message of Love is evident. Pray that we find and witness Christ in each other on this day!


Sunday, June 19th.  Pray that God will bind our hearts together during our bilingual Eucharist today. Pray for peace, wisdom, and joy in all we do today. Pray for those who reside in the homes in which we are called to minister. We give thanks for this wonderful community!



El Pedregal Map

El Pedregal Map

Monday, June 20th.  Pray for the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of the team and of our Dominican friends who are working alongside us.

As we complete our work today, pray with thanksgiving and dedicate this work to God.  Pray for open hearts that love deeply as we celebrate with our new Dominican family.


Tuesday June 21st.  With our projects complete, pray for the families and for the youth in the community of El Pedregal. Pray once again for safe travels as we return by bus to Santo Domingo. Pray that our time in the historic Colonial Zone further strengthens the bond our team has made with this beautiful country.  Pray for our peace, reflection and understanding of the importance of the work we have done.  Pray for a restful final night which we are together in the DR.


Wednesday, June 22th.  Pray that the greatest treasure we pack for home will be our new friendships. On this day, please pray for our youth missioners.  They will return home forever changed. Pray that this change is accepted as a gift from God that will bless our youth missioners each day of their lives.


Each day thereafter….Please continue to pray for the people of El Pedregal and the Dominican Republic.


Thank you,


Your 2016 NE Youth Mission Team


Jim Drazdowski, Don and Melissa Peeler, Lauren White, Audrey Coonce, Hannah Coonce, Aly Trofholz, Lexi O’Connor, James Henry, Anna Kay Sitzman, Lizzy Nelson, Hannah Jensen, Josh Guerrero, and Mason Lamb .


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