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From the Bishop: Pentecost 2016

Bishop J. Scott Barker

Bishop J. Scott Barker

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

Now is the season of Pentecost, that time of year when we celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in our lives. It’s not an uncommon thing for folks to wonder about the Spirit. How do we know when the Spirit is with us? How can we discern the voice, presence or person of the Spirit?

Most of us have had at least a couple of “mountaintop” moments where some insight, healing or gain unfolded in such a way that we knew it was the work and presence of the Holy Spirit that made it happen: an “impossible” recovery in the hospital … a moment of charismatic renewal in worship … an insight into the word of God that struck as thunderously powerful and life-changing. And every single one of us knows stories – probably lots of stories – about other people who have experienced similar miraculous wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s important to remember during this season of Pentecost, that such whiz-bang experiences are only one – and surely not the most common – way that we might feel and know the presence of the Spirit in our lives. C.S. Lewis counseled his readers to “look within” for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and no less a luminary than John Wesley, founder of the United Methodist Church, experienced the Spirit as simply a strange warming of the human heart.

Never doubt that YOU and I brothers and sisters, the crusty, frozen chosen people of God who are the Episcopal Church, are as blessed and anointed by the Spirit as even the most charismatic and joyful TV or radio preacher! You are created in the very image of God. You are saved by Jesus Christ from the power of sin and death. You have been anointed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism to follow Jesus in love and faith … and to work miracles in his name!

Faithfully Yours in Christ-

+ Bishop Barker


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