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Give yourself the gift of Christian education for the new year



Four Great Courses are being offered at Bishop Kemper School for Ministry
January 9-10, 2016

Whether you’re interested in the world of Christian Ethics, the first 1000 years of the Church, the writings of Paul or the Doctrine of God, January courses will deepen your knowledge and enhance your faith. You’ll learn and worship with faculty and students who love the Church and seek to fulfill its mission. We are pleased to announce that the Bishop Mary Field, Diocese of West Missouri, will join us as Bishop-in-Residence.


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Christian History I
Instructor: The Very Rev. Dr. George Wiley

This course explores Christian history from A.D. 150-1000. Using Peter Brown’s masterful “The Rise of Western Christendom,” we see Christianity as a small religion among many in the Roman Empire, as that empire’s official faith, and as a growing movement continually encountering pagan cultures in the Mediterranean world and northern Europe, changing those cultures and being changed by them. Brown includes extensive information on Eastern Christianity to help us understand its Western form. He shows us that the Roman Empire did not “fall” and the Dark Ages weren’t dark.

Christian Ethics I
Instructor: Dr. Tyler Atkinson

This class is designed for students enrolled on the deacon track as well anyone seeking a better understanding of Christian Ethics. Rather than taking an issues-based approach, this course will tell the story of Christian ethics, considering the ways in which people in the Church have responded to God’s work in their midst through word and deed. There will be three primary trajectories: Scripture, historical theology, and contemporary theological ethics, shaping the big questions discussed in class.

Pauline Epistles
Instructor: Dr. Andy Johnson

This class introduces Paul’s letters to those who have not studied Paul in an academic setting. It will help students understand Paul’s letters vis-à-vis the socio-historical and political contexts of the first century. In addition, it will demonstrate how these letters function as missional documents, embodying the gospel in their particular culture. This course provides students with a rudimentary understanding of, and tools with which to engage in a responsible theological interpretation of Paul’s letters.

Doctrine of God
Instructor: Dr. Adam Pryor

Perhaps there is no more distinctive feature of Christianity than its assertion that God becomes a human being in Jesus the Christ, but who do we understand this God to be? How does God act in our world and on behalf of whom? In this course, we will explore the classical issues associated with the doctrine in systematic theologies including divine attributes, the relationship between God and creation, theodicy, and issues of human distinctiveness. Special attention will be given to work from subfields including theology and science, disability theology, and feminist theology.

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