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From the Bishop: Thoughts at the Installation of Presiding Bishop Curry

Bishop J. Scott Barker

Bishop J. Scott Barker

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

The recent installation of Michael Bruce Curry as the 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church was an occasion of extraordinary celebration and joy for our denomination.  Those who attended in person or watched on-line saw a liturgy that was equal parts the best of our inherited Anglican tradition, and an All-American, right of this moment snapshot of our beautiful, diverse church.

Bishop Curry’s Installation also marked, I believe, the beginning of a definitively new chapter for the Episcopal Church.  Bishop Curry is the right leader for this moment.  He is a great preacher and writer, and as our “Chief Inspiration Officer” will surely lead with these strengths.  He is an avid and life-long Episcopalian with the deepest imaginable affection for our old church.  “It’s a good church,” he often says in his rolling baritone, with the kind of conviction that assures his listeners that what he says is certainly true.  As an African American man, he will draw on his life’s experience as a person of color to lead the work we pledged to do at General Convention around racial reconciliation and social justice.  One could hardly imagine a more important ministry for the American churches to be engaged in at this moment.

But most of all, Michael Curry is a disciple of Jesus.  He knows Jesus as savior, friend and Lord and witnesses with world-class optimism to the grace of that relationship and the power of being a participant in the Jesus movement.  This is Bishop Curry’s first and best attribute, and to my mind this is the characteristic that qualifies him best for his new ministry.

We’re so blessed to have lifted up this gracious man of God as our new chief pastor and primate.  I hope you will join me in prayers of celebration and joy for Bishop Curry and our church, and that you will ready yourselves to work and pray in a whole new way as members of a the Jesus Movement!


Faithfully Yours in Christ –

+ Bishop Barker


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