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All Call Omaha Kiva Party November 7th

aco-heart-onlyTwo of our four outstanding All Call Omaha Kiva loans are now 90% paid back, and the two others are 50% paid back–so, we have several hundred dollars in our Kiva fund we need to reloan! Come to Trinity Cathedral to help the Friends of Tamar at their Suitcase Packing Party from  10:00 am-12:00 pm, Saturday, November 7, and as you do, you can find out more about Kiva, join our team of lenders, and help select our next loan recipients.

LatiffanyThis is Latiffany, from New York, our most recent All Call Omaha loan recipient.  For many years, Latiffany (who lives in New York) was acutely aware of the shortage of affordable and stylish clothing for plus-sized women. Starting in 2012, she decided to address the need by starting an online site that sold fashionable clothing at economical prices. Since the launch of her online site, Latiffany has successfully organized the Ms. Kurvie NY Pageant and has seen an increase in customers. With this loan, Latiffany was able to purchase more merchandise and supplies for her store. In the future, she hopes to open additional stores and find new ways to work as an advocate for female empowerment.  Latiffany is now almost 50% repaid on her loan!


Here is the status of the other All Call Omaha Kiva loans:




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