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Diocese of Nebraska 2015 Necrology List

Angel Sculpture Christian Stock Image-smallThe Communion of Saints

The communion of saints is the whole family of God, the living and the dead, those whom we love and those whom we hurt, bound together in Christ by sacrament, prayer, and praise (BCP 862).

This is how the Book of Common Prayer defines the “communion of saints,” one of the things we declare we believe in when we say the Apostles’ Creed. What an amazing way of describing the family that God has created in Jesus. Through baptism, we are knit together, connected to each other so completely that nothing—not distance, or death, or the ways we hurt each other—can break us apart.

Loved ones who have passed on, Christians throughout history who inspire us, and, yes, even that person who gets on our very last nerve: God has brought us all together, has made us profoundly, eternally one, in Jesus Christ.

This Sunday, All Saints’ Day, is when we celebrate that eternal communion.

– Deacon Sarah Miller, Bishop’s Society Curate


Eternal Lord God, you hold all souls in life: Give to your whole church in paradise and on earth your light and your peace; and grant that we, following the good examples of those who have served you here and are now at rest, may at the last enter with them into your unending joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


ALLIANCE, St. Matthew’s

Dale Val Jean Borg


ARAPAHOE, St. Paul’s

None Reported


BASSETT, St. Mary’s

Marvin Dorsey


BEATRICE, Christ Church

Verna Smith


BELLEVUE, Holy Spirit

Mary Cowles


BLAIR, St. Mary’s

None Reported


BROKEN BOW, St. John’s

Verla Ruth Scafer


CENTRAL CITY, Christ Church

Edward “Ed” L. Burke III

Clarence “Bud” A. Gaghagen, Jr.

Wesley Davis


CHARDON, Grace Church

None Reported


COLUMBUS, Grace Church

Phillip Hockenberger, Jr.

Gary Weber


COZAD, St. Christopher’s

None Reported


None Reported


CRETE, Trinity Memorial

None Reported


DE WITT, St. Augustine’s

None Reported


ELKHORN, St. Augustine

Patricia Morgan

Delores Mattson


FALLS CITY, St. Thomas

None Reported


FREMONT, St. James

None Reported


GORDON, St. Mark’s

Anna Mae Fitch


GRAND ISLAND, St. Stephen’s

Botros Eltahir Gabriel

Allene Bish

Joanne Rasmussen

Sumia Rabib


HARRISBURG, Good Shepherd

None Reported


HARVARD, St. John’s

None Reported


HASTINGS, St. Mark’s Pro Cathedral

None Reported


HOLDREGE, St. Elizabeth’s

David M. Hamilton

Mae Marie Lofton

Harley Griffith Lofton Jr.


HYANNIS, Calvary Church

Betty J. Dyer


KEARNEY, St. Luke’s

Gary E. Zaruba

John G. Haeberle

Bettie C. Godfrey

Thomas B. Murray

Grace F. Hause


KIMBALL, St. Hilda’s

None Reported


LEXINGTON, St. Peter’s

None Reported


LINCOLN, Holy Trinity

None Reported


LINCOLN, St. David’s

Harry Hieter


LINCOLN, St. Mark’s on the Campus

Barbara MacKnight

Andrew Thompson


LINCOLN, St. Matthew’s

Ahda Ellis

Ellen (Becky) R. Greenwald

Mollie Baldwin

David Patrick


McCOOK, St. Alban’s

Willard Hoyt

Flora Lundberg


MITCHELL, Holy Apostles

None Reported


MULLEN, St. Joseph’s

Jean Harding

Mary Elliot

Marlene Marshall



None Reported


NORFOLK, Trinity Church

Joan L. (Jody) Thoma

Kay Ann Putters

Burton E. Nixon



Harold Kay

Virgina Mapes

Harvey Lauer

Sam Kamino

Vernon Allen

Dudley Oltmans

Mary Helen Haythorn

Anne McCracken


OGALLALA, St. Paul’s

None Reported


OMAHA, All Saints

Coralie Strickland Dossel

Catherine Rauscher

James Foutch Pegram

Paulina Helen Carlos

Richard E. Gibson, Jr.

Fedrika R. Pirruccello

Clora Elizabeth Haviland

Lorenz Kellner Muller

Gunnar K. Mossblad

Leslie Lee Hadan

Imogene Lurvey

Mary Lou Keyser

Jim R. Kanago

Diane Young Hamsa


OMAHA, Church of the Resurrection

None Reported


OMAHA, St. Andrew’s

Rose Henry

Elinor Hansen

Les Sladek

Betty Clark

Ingrid Van Blerk

Bernice Johnson

Edwin “Ding” Daisley, Jr.

Elizabeth Burney


OMAHA, St. Martin of Tours

None Reported


OMAHA, Trinity Cathedral

Ryan Joneson

Georgia Heaton

Ellen Marie Scott

Timothy Dunning

Carl Woods

Sheila Emmannel

Cheryl Kerrigan

The Rev. Larry Jaynes

Margaret Darlington

Samuel Blanchard, Jr.

Colleen Kile

Helen Barger

Sylvia Witt

Phyllis Klein


OSHKOSH, St. George’s

None Reported


PAPILLION, St. Martha’s

John Barnett

Doug Henson

Jerry Hall

Jane Stackhouse



Mary Egenberger


RUSHVILLE, St. Mary’s Holly

Barbara Krotz

Flora Krotz

Alice Winter

Martha Krotz



The Rev. Kenneth “Cal” Henderson

Pauline Mae Brown

Teresa Josephine Lynn

Katherine (Masid) Connelly

The Rev. Dorothy “Dottie” Wolfe

Barbara (Hatch) Vernon

Jason Alan Krager


SEWARD, St. Andrew’s

Langdon “Paul” Green

Walter Stanley Waas


SIDNEY, Christ Church

None Reported


TECUMSEH, Grace Church

None Reported



None Reported


Priests Deceased Since Last Council

The Rev. Kenneth “Cal” Henderson

The Rev. Larry Jaynes

The Rev. Ed Newbury

The Rev. W. J. Barnds

The Rev. Mary Lou Reynolds


Deacons Deceased Since Last Council

The Rev. John Titus

The Rev. Dorothy “Dottie” Wolfe




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