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Applications Being Accepted for Project Resource

project-resourceThere is still time to fill out an application for your parish to be a Project Resource partner.  As you learned at annual council, five Nebraskans are now trained as parish consultants to assist with your annual parish stewardship campaign and with soliciting major gifts.  The application form to work with one of our diocesan consultants can be found here.

 Here is the annual council presentation text:

One day, a local parish church whose mission is hampered by a lack of gifts or low membership will be able to reach out and get free expert counsel on theology, spirituality, and tools for raising money and people.


One day, a local diocesan leader will be able to respond to a call from their Bishop or diocesan leader from a local parish seeking help.


One day, no church will be held back because their clergy or lay leaders do not know how to raise money, manage strategic communications, manage membership, manage membership invitation programs, of encourage investment in mission.


One day, no clergy person, no new stewardship chair, no senior warden, no campaign manager will need to re-invent documents, models, systems, or processes for raising money or membership.


One day, no church will wince at not having the financial and human resources needed to accomplish the call of the Holy Spirit.


Recently, a diocesan team consisting of Bishop Barker and four others—two clergy and two lay persons—joined leaders from around the Episcopal Church for the pilot of Project Resource, a movement dedicated to increasing philanthropy and raising membership in congregations of every size. Our Nebraska team was trained in Project Resource to provide model documents to all so that no mission needs to go underfunded because a church does not know how to raise money and people. We were trained in Project Resource with the understanding that we would “pay it forward” to congregations in our Diocese that want or need help developing an annual stewardship campaign, soliciting major gifts, or establishing a legacy society.


Project Resource is more than just another stewardship program: This is a culture change in the way people of faith understand their relationship with money. In an age of deep debt and over-consumption, Project Resource is deeply rooted in a Christian spirituality of stewardship, providing people with the liberating tools they need to loosen the chains of power that money so often holds, finding instead the joy and true freedom of sacrificial giving. The ambitious goal our Project Resource Team has set is to train leaders in each of the 52 congregations of the Diocese of Nebraska in the next five years. Beginning in January 2016, we will train six Diocese of Nebraska congregations to join the Project Resource movement. Today we invite those congregations that are interested in being a part of this pilot group to submit an application. Applications can be obtained from Canon Liz Easton. There is just one caveat: Congregations who choose to participate in this pilot group must be prepared to “pay it forward” to other congregations who also seek to accomplish the call of the Holy Spirit unhindered by the lack of financial and human resources.

One day, no clergy will wish they had been taught financial development or marketing in seminary.


One day, no senior warden will wish they took classes in school or had money to hire consultants for general campaign management.


One day, all the congregations of the Diocese of Nebraska will have immediate and free access to Project Resource, the best and most effective tools available to raise the money and the people they need to engage God’s mission.


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