Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

Poetry Corner: Benedict, Blessing us Just North of Schuyler

Blessedly bold
of the outstretched, upraised arms,
though your bronze robe doesn’t billow
in the Nebraska winds you reach to welcome,
your rising up seems to beckon
even the ripples on the pond
over which you now preside,
to reach out for the full moon,
replenished in its mysteries,
to embrace in the late and silent night
the jet flights winging toward Omaha,
offering perhaps a gift of precious space
to passengers cramped in pressurized cabins,
as in some measure are we all,
to find joy in the spraying jetties
springing up to either side,
poised there to greet our tomorrows
as they who, in watchtowers of the night,
anticipate like saints,
you host of the hosts of God,
bold in that spirit that blows where it will,
the dying embraced and healed in its wings.


Fr. Chuck Peek
May 2000
Schuyler, Nebraska

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