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We Bid Your Prayers…

A deacon wearing a stole (deacons wear the stole across one shoulder, priests around both)

We bid your prayers…

The deacons who gathered at St. Luke’s, Kearney, two weeks ago decided that the new format of The Nebraska Episcopalian gives us a way to do something we first discussed at a deacons’ retreat a few years ago: bid the prayers of people throughout the diocese for needs beyond our parishes. We invite everyone to join us in praying for the needs, hopes, concerns, and joys of the world. As deacons get used to gathering and sending these biddings, our intention is to publish them toward the end of the week in time for them to be a resource for deacons and others preparing the Prayers of the People for Sunday worship. Deacons are invited to send biddings for prayers for the world to by Thursday noon for each week’s gathering of biddings.


The deacons of our diocese bid your prayers:


For all those affected by the wildfires burning in the western United States; for people whose lives, homes, or businesses have been lost or are threatened now by fires, for the firefighters, rangers, and first responders working to contain the fires and help people, and for wisdom to understand and address the underlying causes of this year’s wildfires.


For the people of Syria and for the leaders of the world as they decide how to respond to the situation in Syria.


For seasonable weather, and for relief for people suffering from the heat.


For victims of flooding in Mali, in Russia, in China, and elsewhere, and for those preparing for floods expected in the days ahead.


For all those known and unknown who have been killed in wars around the world, especially Spc. Nicholas Welch of Mill City, Oregon killed the week of August 4.


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