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Dr. Marty Burnett named Canon Precentor at Trinity Cathedral


Dr. Marty Wheeler Burnett, Canon Precentor, Trinity Cathedral

Dr. Marty Wheeler Burnett, Canon Precentor, Trinity Cathedral

(From Dean Craig Loya)

I am very excited to announce that I am appointing Marty Wheeler Burnett, who currently serves as our part-time Director of Music, to the position of “Canon Precentor.” This is the traditional title for a cathedral staff person who assists the dean in overseeing the liturgical and musical life of the cathedral. Marty will begin her full-time position as Canon Precentor on July 1, once she has finished her commitments at the College of St. Mary, where she is on the faculty.

This new position will allow us to continue to build our tradition of excellence in worshiping God in the beauty of holiness, which is a foundational part of our identity and a key component of our strategic plan. One of Marty’s first priorities after coming on board full-time will be to develop a children’s music program, which will expand our capacity to nurture children and their families in the knowledge and love of the Lord, another key part of our plan. Marty brings years of experience, a doctoral degree in liturgy, as well as a deep love for the people of Trinity, Most importantly, she is a faithful follower of Jesus. It gives me great joy to make this announcement and I look forward to bringing her on staff full-time in July.

Blessings and Peace,

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