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From SSJE: Physicist Bishop & Monk discuss a breakthrough in Time

The Rt. Rev. Nick Knisely and Br. Geoffrey Tristram

The Rt. Rev. Nick Knisely and Br. Geoffrey Tristram

A Conversation about Time with Br. Geoffrey Tristram and The Rt. Rev. Nick Knisely.

So many people today seem to suffer from a sense of disordered time; our experience of time is polluted by misuse and abuse. And it’s poisoning our lives—like a disease, really. Yet time is meant to be a gift from God. Geoffrey Tristram sat down with Nick Knisely in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of this complicated realm in which faith and science intersect.

Br. Geoffrey asked all his Brothers to pray individually about time for a whole year and made it a topic of the Society’s annual retreat. He also expanded his understanding by having a conversation with The Rt. Rev. Nick Knisely of The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island. Bishop Nick is also a physicist and together they had a fascinating conversation that explored the current thinking of physics and its intersection with theology and time.

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