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2015 Youth Mission to the Dominican Republic

The 2015 Youth Mission to the Dominican Republic is June 22-29; the 2015 team is forming now!

The Nebraska Youth Mission Team will once again partner with Christ Church (Valdosta GA) to work on two construction projects in the rural, mountain community of El Pedregal. As in 2014, we will stay at the Diocesan Camp located there, and will work both on the grounds of the camp, and in the adjoining community.

A very special third project will be completed by the NE Youth Mission Team. This project will create a dedicated media projection room on the grounds of the Episcopal Camp and Conference Center. This room will provide valuable programs to the community and to its visitors, including the much appreciated Movie Ministry that was initiated by the NE Youth Mission Team in 2014.

The building at the Diocesan Camp which will house the media projection room

The media room will be located on the second floor of this building which serves as a large dormitory. This building also houses a conference facility at the Diocesan Camp in El Pedregal. During the past year, several Diocesan groups and mission teams have utilized this facility. A dedicated media room offering audio and visual services will enhance learning and fellowship opportunities to all visiting this very special place. A projector and ten family friendly movies have already been delivered to the camp so that the Movie Ministry, and other programs, might continue in the interim.Our first construction project will involve the renovation of an existing building to serve as a day care center that will be administered by the staff of the local Episcopal K-8 School, Monte de la Transfiguracion. This building is adjacent to the playground which the NE and GA teams built together on the school grounds in 2014. As this building has been flooded in the past, both landscaping and structural improvements will be made. The building to be renovated is pictured here:

The building to be renovated

The building to be renovated




Our second construction project will be to replace a wooden house in the community with a concrete-block house for Altagracia, her two children, and her husband who currently live in the home shown here.


Exterior of Altagracia’s home


The photo on the right shows the interior of Altagracia’s home. Altagracia is pregnant with her third child. She is employed as a cook and domestic at the camp. In June 2015, we will help Altagracia welcome her new child into a new cement block home. In 2014, we helped build a home for Jacqueline, who is caring for nine people in her home, including her deceased sister’s children and her aging mother. The home we build for Altagracia will be very similar to the one we build for Jacqueline, except it must be smaller because of the the size of their building lot. Like Jacqueline, Altagracia’s family is active in the local church community. She works very hard to provide the best she can for her family, but mosquito-safe housing has proven unattainable for them.


Interior of Altagracia’s home




Here is the home we helped build in 2014.


Home we helped build in 2014




The 2015 Mission Team will leave early morning from Omaha NE on June 22, 2015. We will return to Omaha late evening on June 29, 2015. We will arrive in Santo Domingo shortly after noon on June 22nd, and will travel by private coach two hours north into the heart of the Dominican Republic. We will be warmly welcomed to camp by Padre Alvaro Yepes and his wife Angela. We will stay in dormitory-style housing, and our meals will be prepared by camp staff. We will work on our projects simultaneously, so work teams will be utilized with everyone having the opportunity to work with each other and the community.

Afternoon activities, such as trips to the river and waterfalls, are planned with the community. We will continue our Movie Ministry Nights with the children (ages 2 to 92) of the community. On Saturday night we will celebrate the success of our mission with a Community Fiesta like no other. Following worship on Sunday morning, we will return to Santo Domingo for an afternoon walking tour of the historic Colonial Zone. We will spend our last night in a hotel in the Colonial Zone. The following morning, we will travel to the Santo Domingo airport, and begin our journey home.

Eligible youth must be at least 16 years old by June 2015, or just graduated high school in May 2015. Preference will be given to youth attending an Episcopal parish in Nebraska. We have reserved 16 airline tickets, and we expect the group will fill fast.

The total cost, including air and ground transportation, housing, meals, insurance and project fees is estimated to be $1675. A non-refundable $100 deposit is necessary at this time to reserve your seat on the plane. The remaining costs will be determined 60 days before departure, and all fees must be paid 30 days prior to departure. Fundraising will be left to the youth, family and sponsoring parish.

Questions???   Please, call Don and Melissa Peeler at 402-572-7556, or email them at

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