Proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ

Deacon’s Bidding Prayers December 19th, 2014

Jesus Stained Glass Religious Stock Image Each week, the deacons of the Diocese of Nebraska invite everyone to join us in praying for the needs, hopes, concerns, and joys of the world beyond our immediate circles of family, friends, and parish. Deacons are invited to send biddings for prayers for the world to by Thursday noon for each week’s gathering of biddings.

The deacons of our diocese bid your prayers:

For those who will work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to ensure the health and safety of their communities and of travelers.

For all who died in violence this week in Peshawar, Pakistan; for their families, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues; and for all who survive with traumatic memories.

For sincere repentance for the sin of racism in this nation, and the will to live into a more peaceful, secure, and joyful future for us all. For liberty and justice for all.

For the people of Pahoa, Hawai’i, and others who are in the path of the lava flow this week.

For all our brothers and sisters who are without adequate food and shelter and those who have lost hope. For those who are lonely, ill, cold, or sad this holiday season.

For moral courage and true repentance as we learn more about our government’s use of torture.

For wisdom and courage as we learn more about the melting of Arctic ice and its implications for the rest of the planet.

For those whose gifts of music, dance, speaking, and art grace our lives especially at this time of year.

For people who are ill with the Ebola virus and for those caring for them. For public health officials, troops assigned to west Africa, and for the scientists working on effective medicines or vaccines.

For the people of South Sudan, especially our sisters and brothers of the Diocese of Twic East.

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