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I Was Thirsty…(Bus Stop Ministry)

water ministry-medium

Church of the Resurrection renews water/bus stop ministry.

The summer has finally arrived in Nebraska.  With temperatures nearing 100 predicted for the next two weeks, the Church of the Resurrection renews a much needed urban ministry.

There is a bus stop at the corner of the church yard and led by the St. Teresa’s Guild, COR has placed a cooler of water bottles, a bin, and a tablet there.  Pedestrians, bus commuters, and neighbors are invited to take a water and leave a prayer request.

This is one of the many small ways the congregation serves its neighborhood.  You may not have a bus stop near your church or be in a metropolitan area, but there are probably many ways your church can reach out in this way – construction workers, roofers, farm workers…

Peggy Mitchell, St. Teresa’s Guild

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