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From the Bishop: Autumn 2014

2b3417c5-bd3c-4b91-9a34-548ab1895d77-largeAutumn 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –


While the long, green Church season of “Ordinary Time” still marches on, the truth is that the turn from summer to autumn marks an invisible turn in our church calendar.  In parishes all over our Diocese of Nebraska the weeks to come will be chock full of new beginnings as Confirmation classes, Church School, Youth Group, adult Bible studies and all the like resume again after the long summer break.  Coincident with the start of the school year every fall, it’s “Back to Church” time again!


I hope that in the weeks and months to come, you and your family will be able to find the time and space to seek out new ways to connect and grow by fully participating in the activities of worship, nurture and mission offered by your local church.  While most of our lives are busy and many of our calendars are full, making room to participate in church activities is for most of us a key part of how we honor God and stay in relationship with Jesus.  In the same way that we make time and give energy to maintain relationships with family and friends we love, so too, participating in the life of the Church  (where we know Jesus is reliably and meaningfully present) is a wonderful way to connect with the one who is Lord of us all.

Not sure how to find out what’s going on near you?  Do take the time to subscribe to and read your local parish newsletter, and be sure to check frequently for new stories in, The Nebraska Episcopalian and our weekly diocesan, Ministry Memo.  These are both great ways to keep abreast of all the wonderful now being offered by our churches and other related ministries throughout the Diocese of Nebraska.

May your devotion to Jesus heat up, as the days and nights outside cool down!

Faithfully Yours in Christ –


+ Bishop Barker


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