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Discussing Tragic Events in a Youth Community



Danielle Dowd, Diocesan Youth Missioner for the Diocese of Missouri, has created a resource geared mostly towards junior high and senior high youth groups but which could be easily adapted for young ones.

The PDF document includes

  • A framework for discussion
  • Bible verses for comfort
  • Resources for further inspiration.


Click here for the full post from Danielle Dowd.




Click here to directly download her PDF resource for Discussing Tragic Events in a Youth Community.  Here is an excerpt from Danielle’s post:

This past week has been a difficult one for our communities. The shooting of Mike Brown brings forth all sorts of emotions and questions. Yet, despite the overwhelming tragedy in Ferguson and its troubling aftermath, we can be consoled with the knowledge that our God is no stranger to heartbreak.  Jesus enters into our messes. Jesus is present with us in our grief.  And in this way, Jesus models for us the ministry of presence.  Jesus shows us that to serve, the most important step is the first step: Show Up. 

We may feel intimidated by these discussions. We may feel inadequate to lead them. But our youth need a safe space to tell their stories and process their feelings.  They need us to come forth as servant leaders – leaders who are ready to cry with them, to struggle alongside them, to listen to them.  Many of the questions that come along with these discussions do not have easy answers.  Enter into them anyway….

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