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Jacob’s Report from Africa: Kakuma Refugee Camp


The Refugee Camp in Kakuma

Kakuma Refugee Camp: Field post and reception

The field post here in Kakuma is a government office where displaced refugees first get registered before they can go to refugee reception. At the field post people were tired, sitting down in the sun waiting for their names to be called. It can take some days to register if there are many people coming in, as you can see below.






Waiting For Registration at the Field Post

People who are finished with registration at the government office can go to UNHCR in order to get their refugee card. The reception is under UNHCR, so they provide water, food and camps for people to sleep in. According to the people that I talked to, it takes about two to three weeks to get the card that is use for food distribution. Those who have received cards can go to the new location within Kakuma refugee camp which you can see below–it is also hot, dry and has no trees.





The New Refugee Buildings

The buildings shown to the left in the picture are built of mud underneath then covered on the top with plastics. The temperature inside these buildings is very hot day and night. People choose not to sleep outside because of lack of security. None of the refugees here in the camp have any money, but Turkana come to the camp at night and demanded money. If they don’t find money they take everything they can find. Many people have been killed within the camp when they try to protect their property from robberies.


– Jacob Manyang

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