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South Sudanese Episcopal Clergy Conference at All Saints

Worship service at the conference

Worship service at the conference


South Sudanese Episcopal Clergy Conference
July 26-27 2014
All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha, Nebraska

A weekend conference was convened on Saturday July 26, 2014 for South Sudanese clergy from across the U.S.A. The priests arrived in Omaha from Pennsylvania, Texas, Mississippi, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri and South Dakota.

The conference was hosted by All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha, Nebraska and coordinated locally by South Sudanese Leader Joseph Pager Alaak and the South Sudan Mission Team, as well by many members of the greater Omaha South Sudanese community.

Leading the conference was Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer for The Episcopal Church and Reverend Angela Ifill, Director of Black Ministries from The Episcopal Church. Also attending from Kansas City was Reverend Stan Runnels, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

The purpose of the conference was many fold. As the South Sudanese clergy population begins to grow in numbers in the U.S.A., a common thread among them is a need to collaborate, network and discuss the many issues facing their communities throughout the nation.

A current set of by-laws was distributed to the attendees for discussion and debate relative to the establishment of a formal organization. The organization will serve as a platform for common interrelating goals and challenges.

Attending the conference were about 40 clergy. At the closing Eucharist on Sunday July 27, approximately 100 clergy and lay attended. A traditional South Sudanese banquet was also served on Saturday evening for the participants and the greater community.

Below are photos from the event.


Joseph Pager Alaak, Rev. Judi Yeates, and Bishop Stacy Sauls

SoSu Conference 010

Enjoying VBS

SoSu Conference 041-medium

Clergy Conference Meeting

SoSu Conference 022-medium

Clergy Conference family members

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