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South Sudan Report from Jacob Manyang

Jacob in a refugee camp

Jacob in a refugee camp

South Sudan Situation

The situation of people displace by war in south Sudan is horrify. While I am still here in Ethiopia for education broad, our students group meets with the director of UN in Dessie Ethiopia. The situation in south Sudan is out hand as the UN is not getting enough donations to help people that need clear water, foods, medicine, shelter, and security.

According to United Union, “Cholera has broken out, malaria is rampant and many children are malnourished. Millions of people need emergency healthcare, food, clean water, proper sanitation and shelter to make it through the year”. Food security is a big problem including here in Ethiopia where there is no present war going on. Thousands of children and adults line begging for money to buy food. You can see that most of the people have nutrition problem, and are just trying to stay alive. I had many people run after me here in Ethiopia just to buy them food. Some of them said they hadn’t eaten for two to three days and even if they manage to find something to eat, it’s always not enough.

However, the situation in South Sudan is even far worse as indicated by the United Nations; more than a million people are in danger of starvation.  They are in urgent need for food and water not to mention the cholera outbreak. The rainy season has increased the numbers of problems that are facing refugees in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia and within South Sudan. Thousands of people who depend on cultivation have missed the growing season because of war. The United Nations said it needs over a billion dollars for emergency relief in South Sudan because of the rain, cholera, and need for so much food, medicine and security for those who have escaped war.


I will be here in Ethiopia until July 14, which is the day I will be flying from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. From Nairobi, I will travel to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and then to a refugee camp in Uganda before I come back to USA. I will be flying back to USA from Nairobi on August 6/2014. In both refugee camps I will take pictures and get stories of the situation facing people there so that I can share with all of you when I come back.

Thanks you so much and may God bless you always for all you do for others.

Jacob Manyang



Additional information from Jacob about events on his Trip:

Meeting with head of UN in Dessie Ethiopia

Our meeting with United Nations staff here in Ethiopia was to learn about problem facing millions of people around the world that are displace by war and drought here in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Congo, Syria and around the world. According to the Union Nations, millions of refugees are being helped through donations, but millions more are still in need of assistance.


Jacob and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Students in Addis Ababa.

Here in Addis Ababa Ethiopia our education abroad focusus on food security and nutrition.  During our first week in Addis, we meet with Diane Degnan who’s the director of UN here in east Africa. We all learned from Diane that the situation facing refugees is getting worse everyday as the violence in South Sudan, Syria, Congo and drought in many others parts of the world demand emergency assistant to all refugees around the area.


Save South Sudanese Orphans and Widows Student Organization

During my last day in Omaha I packed thirty sets of children’s clothes that were donated to the project and took them with me. These clothes will be distributed to children that don’t have clothes in Kenyan and Ugandan refugee camps as I visit war-displace refugees.


Education Assessment     

The displaced orphans are in need of education to keep their education active. When I arrived in Kenya and Uganda, I will be assessing the education need for orphans in order to provide them with a base education as they struggle to find their way back from lives that have been torn apart by the conflict. Education is promising a future to children who have lost their parents and do not know where and when to start up their life again.


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