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Church of Our Savior Celebrates 147 Years of Service at Nebraskaland Parade


Episcopalians at the Nebraskaland Parade!

June 21st was the 59th Anniversary Nebraskaland Days Parade in North Platte and Church of Our Savior participated with a float honoring 147 years of service by COS in the North Platte community!

It was a bright and sunny day and thousands of people lines the streets of downtown North Platte for the nearly two hour long parade. The Church of Our Savior float featured a replica of its bell tower. Large banners on each side proclaimed “Episcopal Church of Our Savior” and
“Serving North Platte Since 1867”. A number of parishioners rode on the float wearing bright red t-shirts promoting COS. Other parishioners, including Father Jeffrey Nelson, walked the entire parade route tossing candy to children along the way.


All reported having a great time marking both the 50th Anniversary of Nebraskaland Days in North Platte and celebrating the long and rich heritage of the Episcopal Church of Our Savior in the city of North Platte!

– Brian Gardner



The construction crew in front of the completed float


The float featured the Episcopal shield and a replica of the bell tower of Church of Our Savior

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