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From the Bishop: Summer 2014



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

Having now celebrated the twin feasts of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, I think we can say that summer has officially arrived in our Diocese of Nebraska!

Summer brings special possibilities and responsibilities for many of us. In our rural areas, the near constant duty of tending to farms and ranches may be actually increased in June, July and August, with special work and chores each day that just cannot happen in the snow and ice. For those of us in urban areas, and with jobs tied in any way to education (including all our young people and students of every age,) summer presents at least the possibility of time for recreation and renewal in vacation and rest.

Whether your summer is busy or easy, the warm weather and long days do open up special prospects for daily living and discipleship. There are numerous ways to serve in and through our diocese in the months to come, including as a participant in a local parish church outreach effort, as a team member on a service & mission trip, or as a camper or counselor at Camp Comeca. Living into our commitment to weekly worship with our church community can be challenging in the summer, but that worship is as pleasing to God, and as important to all of us, in this season as in any other. Many of us take special delight in fact, at the chance to visit new and unique places of worship while on vacation or while recreating over the weekend and away from home.

I hope you like this “Summer Blessing” which I recently discovered:

A Summer Blessing

May you walk with God this summer
In whatever you do and wherever you go

Walking with God means walking with honesty and with courage,
Walking with love and respect and concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God this summer
And every day and in every situation

Talking with God means praying words of praise for the beauty of creation
Saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times,
Asking God’s help in all your decisions,
Expressing sorrow when you have failed

May you talk with God every day. Amen.

– Author unknown

A blessed summer season to you all!

Faithfully Yours –

+ Bishop Barker

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