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St. Andrew’s Seward Holds 5th Annual Spelling Bee Fundraiser


Ted Kooser and Winner Anna Royuk

St. Andrew’s in Seward held its 5th annual spelling bee on April 25th and a great time was had by all. As these pictures will show, goofy hats are made available to the participants. Ted Kooser introduced the event and handed out cans of alphabet soup to the losers; Charles Krutz provided the music; and Clark Kolterman and Pat Brauer, both English teachers at Seward High, were the Masters of Ceremony. Stephanie Rouse and Mel Krutz were the officials.


George Mitchell, a member of St. Andrew’s parish, took home the trophy, and Anna Royuk won the youth division (ages 10-12). After expenses, the bee raised $483., $150 of which will go to each of two community projects in Seward, and another $150 the Seward Ministerial Association.


Parishes looking to raise a little money (aren’t we all?) might think about having a spelling bee. It gets the greater community involved and increases the visibility of the church.




The magnificent trophy


Hats were provided for all participants

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