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Camp Sunday is This Sunday, May 4th !






See this TNE link for downloadable resources to use on Camp Sunday to promote Camp Comeca in your parish.

Any one who registers on May 4th will get double entries in the drawing for THE ULTIMATE CAMPER PRIZE PACKAGE.

Ultimate Camper Prize Package

Ultimate Camper Prize Package

The winner will be announce via the Diocesan Facebook page on June 30th.

Camp Registration is open until June 29th.  Click here for the online registration page.


Here’s a camp poem from new transitional deacon John Adams:


Last Evening at Camp Comeca, 2013

when I was their age
(let Simeon now say)
when I was their age
bugs were evil, hated, feared
an adversary by day
and a terror by night
when I was their age
even successfully avoiding
their nets and snares outdoors
or perfectly ending them
treading within
gave me no peace
left me with dreams of crawlers
prowling in the shadows


now twice their age
(more let Joel now observe)
now more than twice their age
I stand beneath the cross
above the plain
my limbs at tired peace
my mouth full of praise
my weary spirit aloft
borne on charged wings of light
my hand waving around my head
returns giving rest
to the circling moth


now at my age
(let Simeon say)
at my age I bless
the tiny legs dancing
along my knuckles
commend the little soul
in its twilight toil
at their age
the fidgety find fascination
at least more than in silent staring
and are impressed
that I rejoice in stillness
for a bug’s sake

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