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Diocese of Nebraska Clarkson Grants Available

For the second year, The Bishop Clarkson Foundation has funded a line item in our diocesan budget to support a program that awards small grants (up to $5,000) to encourage and support church growth. We have up to $25,000 to award in 2014.

These grants can be used to fund any ministry, initiative or program designed to promote real and sustainable church growth. Grant applications to help encourage numerical, missional and spiritual growth are welcomed.

  • Maximum amount of grant – $5,000
  • Requests for smaller amounts will receive particular consideration
  • No more than one grant request per church per year
  • Grant requests that include partnerships between multiple churches are encouraged
  • Grants may be awarded to the same church and project for up to 3 consecutive years
  • Deadline for application – June 1, 2014
  • Grants will be awarded in the autumn of 2014
  • Grant recipients will be required to report on their project outcomes in 2015
  • Applications from churches that accept and pay their diocesan faith asking will be given priority
  • Clarkson grants are intended to support new, innovative and entrepreneurial church ministries targeted at growing our local parishes. We will carefully consider every grant application, but applications to fund existing ministries that are not self-sustaining are less likely to receive funding.


Instructions for writing your grant:

  1. Tell us the name and location of your parish, and the name and email address of the grant writer.
  2. On no more than two pages, tell us about your idea, how your idea would contribute to church growth, how you’d spend the money if you receive the grant, who will be in charge of implementing your idea, and how you will measure success if your initiative is funded.
  3. Attach all necessary exhibits to support your application (e.g. a program budget, bids from any professionals to be hired, studies which back up your proposal, letters of support, etc.)
  4. We have endeavored to keep this application process very simple. Whom may the grant evaluation committee contact (and how) if we need further information about your grant request?
  5. Email your application to Bishop Barker at:


Deadline for Applications: June 1, 2014

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