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The Disaster in South Sudan: You can Help!


Bishop Ezekiel Diing


Our friends in Twic East – our South Sudanese companion diocese – have been faced with almost unimaginable violence and persecution over the past many weeks.  These are excerpts from a letter written to Canon Yeates this week by Bishop Ezekiel Diing.  If you wish to respond to his request for immediate financial help, please send a check marked for “Twic East Relief” to:

Beth Byrne
The Diocese of Nebraska
109 N 18th Street
Omaha, NE 68102

We will see that your cash donations get into the bishop’s hands as quickly and safely as possible.

Excerpts from Bishop Ezekiel’s Letter:

 Dear Mama Judi –


Christian affectionate love and greeting to you all.


For your information our condition with our families and Congregations in this bad situation of war in our Country is very bad.  We are not sure about our Congregations in Bor and Twic East because the war between Dr Riek Macar and Government of the Republic of South Sudan had killed many people both men, women, children old and young people in both Dioceses.  The survivors might have crossed the River Nile to west of the Nile in Yirol County.  Some of them had drowned in the Nile because they can’t swim.  Most of the people are scatted in the bush.


Bor Town is now laying in ashes and the war is still going on.  Many things are looted and many houses are burned down.  Vultures are not able to continue feeding on the remains of the deceased people in Bor because they are satisfied.


Our hearts are broken when we hear our dear fathers, mothers and children are laying dead in Bor Town and all over the land of Bor in and around not burred, but what do we do.  Only God is the answer.


Our Pastors in the two Dioceses are scattered with the people and we are not sure of their whereabouts or their survive.  I have heard some of my pastors have reported into the Kakuma Refuge camp in Kenya.  Also we are not getting support in cash to buy food for our families, to hire accommodation, to pay school fees for our children to go to school, to pay for medication, etc.


I think this is the time that Partners pay attention to one another with serious of concern at the time of devastation.  What I mean is that I need help with my Pastors and their families.  I will go to Juba on next Monday (Feb 10) to attend emergency meeting of the bishops’ call by the Archbishop.  In this meeting I will declare Twic East Diocese a deserted area it is DISPLACED; all of us are scatted.


Keep on remembering us in your prayers.  May God Almighty be with you.


Rt Rev Ezekiel Diing Ajang Malangdit.
Bishop of the Diocese of Twic East of Twic East County;
Jonglei State Republic of South


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