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All Call Omaha Kiva Event at Table Grace Cafe Gives $650


Matt Weber describes the mission and ministry of Table Grace Cafe, Omaha’s first pay-as-you-are-able restaurant

The All Call Omaha Kiva event on January 13th at Table Grace Cafe was a wonderful success, and a great time. There were members of six Omaha parishes attending, and the team gave $650 to Table Grace Cafe and a new Kiva micro-loan entrepreneur.

Keith Winton gave a report of the current All Call Omaha Kiva loan status: all of the first four loans are being repaid on time, with one being 49% repaid and the other three each around 15% repaid. In 2013, over 1 million people gave money to Kiva for micro-loans, funding over half a billion dollars to more than a million entrepreneurs around the world. 99% of those loans are being repaid, with the total overall Kiva default rate at only 0.9% (!)

This creates a cycle of sustainable change, making a difference in the lives and communities of hundreds of people each day. For more information go to

Table Grace Cafe is Omaha’s first pay-as-you-are-able restaurant. The Café strives to serve those who have limited or uncertain access to adequate nourishment by offering great food with a sense of dignity to anyone who walks through the door. The over‐arching mission is to labor with and to empower those they serve and nourish individuals towards self-sustainment.

Table Grace Ministries is the dream of, and managed by, Matt and Simone Weber. Table Grace Café opened its doors to serve customers in April 2011. Since the Café opened, the number of people who eat at the Café has steadily increased (along with the need for donations and support). Though one typically associates the term Café with nourishment, another powerful and passionate aspect of this mission helps those in need transition into the community through job training, counseling and guidance. The pay‐as-­you-­are-­able average donation is approximately $3 per person–yet $6 per person is needed to cover the operating expenses of the Café.

Though the donor base is undergoing expansion to meet the day-­to-­day operating expenses, more is needed to meet both the current and the long‐term goals of the mission. These long‐term goals are to build capacity of this community service, to provide more healthy meals, and, to strengthen and expand the formalized job-­training program (culinary and restaurant management skills). The long-­term vision includes providing transitional housing, if needed, to help those in training get squarely back on their feet.

One intriguing opportunity Table Grace Café has to offer is the service opportunities for organizations and volunteers to devote their time and talents to those Table Grace Café serves. In serving others we build community. These service opportunities have become another missional area that Table Grace Ministries has found to be important.

You can find the Table Grace Facebook page here:

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