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Church of Our Saviour Donates Christmas Trees

Church of Our Savior, North Platte, Donates Christmas Trees

There are many outreach programs in North Platte to assist families in need at Christmas with presents and food. While many of these families have expressed appreciation for this assistance some had commented that they did not have a Christmas tree to put the gifts under.

The Sharing and Outreach Committee at Church of Our Savior decided to fill this need. Starting with Christmas last year and continuing this year, the Committee collected trees and decorations which were donated by parishioners at COS. Various organizations within the parish “adopted” the trees and decorated them.

Families are able to come to the Fireside Room of the church where the trees are on display and choose a tree of their liking and sign up for it. A drawing is held on the last Sunday before Christmas for each tree among the names signed up and the trees are delivered to the winning families.

There are trees of all sizes as not every family has a space for a full sized tree.

In addition to the trees, wreaths are also decorated and families are welcome to sign up for those instead of a tree.

The response of the community has been very positive and the church received enthusiastic thank you’s this year from families who received trees last year.

– Brian Gardner






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