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Kiva Micro-loan Repayments

The Kiva micro-loans provided the All Call and Last Call Omaha continue to be repaid, and there’s a $128 credit in our Kiva account–so be on the lookout for a new Kiva party you can bring some friends to!

At this time of year, when we gather and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, please consider starting a Kiva loan on your own, with your children, your family, some friends, or a group of co-workers.  Kiva loans help people around the world improve their business, their communities, and their lives.

Here’s a story of thanks from one of those who has been helped by a Kiva loan.


Juana and her daughter, from Cayalti, Peru


Juana is from the small town of Cayalti, Peru. With a loan from Kiva, she was able to finish construction of her neighborhood store and purchase supplies for her part-time sewing business.

“Without that chispa (spark) of capital (from Kiva),” Juana explained, “I don’t know how I would keep my kids in school.”

School supplies for her high school daughter and son cost $3 a day, something she is now able to afford with the help of her loan.

“My dream is to open a little pharmacy, I studied to be a nurse… I am the only medic in miles. But one step at a time, my kids are about to graduate from high school and they always come first.”

And, if you’d like to spread the spirit of Thanksgiving even further – visit and make a loan today!

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