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South Sudan Companion Diocese Mission Update

South Sudan Companion Diocese Mission Update
As we begin the season of Advent, we pause to reflect on the South Sudan Twic East Diocese , our brother and sisters there and those in diaspora placed in countries throughout the world.





Paul Telar

First, let us remember in our prayers Paul Telar. He is the 5 year old son of Twic East Diocese Bishop Ezekiel and Rebecca. Paul and his parents have been residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota the past 3 months as Paul had surgery for removal of a brain tumor. Paul has been recovering from the surgery the past month undergoing occupational and physical therapy. The family departed Sioux Falls on November 16th to return to their home in Africa. This has been a story of many miracles as they underwent this experience with many challenges. This was made possible by many giving people from different faiths for this to become the successful story it has become. I have included a picture of Paul taken on November 15th just prior to their return to Africa.





On Sunday morning October 27th, the villages of Maar and Paliau were attacked in Twic East Diocese. During the attack there were 80 village people killed including some women and children. There were also 4 Episcopal priests killed in the attack. Thousands of cattle were also taken from the local cattle herds. This attack was more than a tribal attack, but an attack led by rebel General Yau Yau and a militia group heavily armed. Please remember the people of our Companion Diocese of Twic East in your prayers. They face so many obstacles in their daily lives. Bishop Ezekiel has released a plea for additional food supplies, mosquito nets and funds since approximately 30 homes were destroyed in the raid.


An update on some Nebraska Diocese projects for Twic East include the shipment of 2 treadle sewing machines and a grain grinding mill funded by All Saints Omaha outreach mission. The sewing machines will be set up by the Mothers Union women in Maar. The machines will be used initially for making clothing as well as feminine hygiene pads. There is a demand for these pads in particular for the girls in middle school so that they don’t miss any school. The grinding mill will be used to grind grain for food use. This will replace the back breaking work of using stones to grind the grain by hand.


Other projects include Daughters of the King and Guild groups sewing feminine pads. On the next trip from Nebraska we will take with us to Twic East the pads produced.


St. Martha’s Papillion recently had their annual fund raiser for their sponsored South Sudanese students attending school in Lokichokio, Kenya.


Our Companion Diocese of Twic East has so many needs, so we need to continue to carry on with what we can accomplish to help them to have a better life.

– Jim Yeates

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