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From the Bishop: Advent




Here comes Advent!


The season of Advent begins this year on Sunday December 1st.  For many, this is felt to be the richest and most deeply meaningful season of our Church year.  The great Advent theme of preparing for the coming of Christ resonates with our hopes for living in this time and place.  We’re equally enticed by the notion of preparing to meet the baby Jesus again at the feast of the Nativity, and preparing to meet the adult Christ of the second coming, who’s return we await with great hope in a world that aches to meet him again and anew.


Your Advent will be richer if you take a little time right now to prepare for this season of preparation.  Don’t be taken unawares when Advent dawns, but rather give some thought now to how you might simplify and enrich your life with some effort to ready your household and your soul for a meeting with Jesus.  Can you pray a little more deeply?  Eat a little more simply?  Give a little more generously?  Connect a little more meaningfully?  There are lots of possibilities for celebrating Advent that can re-frame the holiday season for you from a time of harried and hurried “shoulds” to a time of quiet and delightful “cans.”


Included here is a link to a lovely Advent calendar that can easily be printed out at home and used for simple family devotions or as personal prayer resource.  I hope you like it.


May your Advent be a time of readying that soothes your soul and lightens your heart.  Christ coming.  Prepare the way!

Faithfully yours,

Bishop J. Scott Barker

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